Friday, May 15, 2009


As photographers, and artists in general, we are always trying to develop our style. This is what sets our photographs apart from others. Many at the get go start by trying to define their style through different techniques, be it lighting or post processing. I've been noticing the more and more I shoot that a different style is emerging in my photographs and that is contrast. I tend to gravitate towards images that have high contrast. I will allow blacks to go to pure black. I think that what's not shown in an image can say as much or more than what is shown. I also came to realize this past weekend while speaking to some of the models at a video shoot I had the privilege of photographing that there is another type of contrast in my images. I like showing contrast between subject and location. Be it a beautiful model in front of a decrepit background or an object out of place, I try for a contrast within the image as well.

I will leave you with this - Images from that music video shoot...enjoy.

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