Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So it's now been 21 days since 365° of Mike ended, and since then I haven't picked up my camera much.  I felt the need to pick up my camera today, break out the pocket wizards and strobes.  I actually miss making photographs and I'm going to have to find reasons to shoot more often.  I worry that if I don't shoot more I will loose the pure enjoyment I take from photography.  I think I'm going to have to start shooting with the purpose of building a portfolio soon...I need to start shooting for myself again.  

I was realizing lately that weddings and portraits (the standard family portrait to be exact) are not what I'd like to be shooting.  I want to be making pictures that are showing off someone, putting context into the image.  Even in that world of fashion and modeling, there is that opportunity to show a hint of the model's soul or personality in a picture, and this is what I'd like to be discovering in my work.

I'm in a bit of a melodramatic mood tonight.  I'm tired of being let down by the same people over and over.  Though I want to be writing the words are not coming to me tonight ...

I want to go out instead, hang out with friends, good conversation, good wine, comfortable floors with window views of a busy street below?

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