Friday, November 28, 2008

I felt the need to be taking some pictures today.  It's nothing fancy, just popped my 50mm lens onto my camera body and went for a quick walk up the street to get a smoothie for breakfast.  It's nice to be carrying the camera on my shoulder again, shooting random things around town.  

It's back to work tonight after my week off.  Time go go and pay the bills again.  I guess I shouldn't complain after being off for the past week, but more and more I would rather be working on building a photography business over going and working the trucks.  I think come the new year I'm going to be really pushing the photography business side of things.  I think it will be time to start taking some small business workshops and learn the ropes of owning my own company.  Was discussing last night the virtues of living in one of the big beautiful 2 story penthouse condos overlooking spadina and I think I want that to be me.  So it's time to be getting the big name ad shoots.

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