Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello again.  I'm getting tired of the negativity lately - it's pulling me down deeper.  My 9-5 (or more specifically 6-6 am or pm) job is becoming less and less of a draw for me.  I work very closely with another person, and when they're never happy, it's very difficult for me to enjoy my work constantly being affected by this other individual's negativity.  I also am being affected by the lack of control I have over my day to day work.  I don't get to do anything that will advance my career and that's why my own business seems to be more and more attractive these days.  Work for myself, building something that means something to me.

So - onto some more fun stuff.  Nikon has announced the D3x and I'm drooling.  Now, I know that for the photo world this is already old news and the camera hasn't even hit the shelves.  This is obviously a toy that I can't afford to be running out to buy on it's release date, or for that matter any time shortly after it without winning the lottery.  I am happy with the camera system that I am currently using though.  A Nikon D2Xs isn't anything to sneeze at.  

I'm almost at the point where I've been a full month since 365 of Mike ended and I'm having a camera nic fit now.  I spent my evening tonight learning about the basics of creating a web site, and now I'm hoping to start putting some of that to use to create an online portfolio. Along with this I'm starting to brainstorm for ways to be shooting more.  I've been wanting to do some fashion/beauty shoots and so I'm thinking of trying to convince people I know to stand out in front of my lens and get the fashion treatment.  It's time for me to stop saying I want to and start saying I am.  

I was slightly discouraged recently when I created a slideshow to showcase some of my recent wedding day photography as an advertisement to my style.  Along with the prospective client, I emailed it to a wedding photographer that I know.  The discouragement came when my style of photography was quite bluntly criticized.  I appreciate that I'm not a full time wedding photographer - and I have no interest in shooting weddings full time to be honest - but to criticize my style hurt.  It's always discouraging to hear others in your field provide negative criticisms without any positive words.

Last but not least - I will leave you with a video done of some pictures I did for a local charity.  Here's the video - I hope it works.

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