Thursday, December 4, 2008

Saddened by the Photographic Community

I am deeply saddened by the photographic community today.  Recently Scott Kelby announced on his personal blog that Nikon had released the Nikon D3x and it was coming with a price tag of $8,000 (US).  Many of the commenters felt that a price for a 20+ megapixel camera, that was priced comparable to it's direct competition, is $2,000 over priced and that Scott is directly responsible for the price tag.  What saddens me is that Scott has been sharing his passion for photography and giving the inside tips of how the pro's do things FREE OF CHARGE since 2005 and that people felt the need to personally attack him on his own web site.  Do we really need to have a 23.5 megapixel so bad that we need to blame everyone who talks about it for how much it costs???  I fully believe Nikon is right on the money with the price they have decided on for this camera.  These 20+ megapixel cameras are starting to bridge that gap between 35mm format and medium format shooting.  It's allowing these high end fashion/commercial photographers who need the resolution of 20 megapixels the power and speed that a 35mm format camera's a treat to be able to shoot 9 frames a second and keep a high paced and energetic shoot moving forward instead of the 1-2 seconds per frame that a Hasselblad offers (with the $20 - 60,000 price tags).  

This news comes on a day where I have managed to become excited about my photography again.  I decided to go out and shoot some landscape shots out along the harbourfront this afternoon.  It was a lucky day in that for the first time in a month we had blue skies with beautiful clouds.  The only part that sucks is how at 3pm I was shooting sunsets.  The above photo is my favorite of today's set.

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Kathryn Lymburner said...

Well said! I agree with the Kelby thing 100%.